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Our tools allow you to deploy surveys quickly and give you the power to utilize truly limitless survey customization. Our platform is flexible, so you can be too. When the engineers who build the tools sit next to the developers who use them, rapid innovation is all in a day's work.

ask anyone OF ANYONE

We develop surveys and tools for all types of respondents. From food to pharmaceuticals, every study gets the Jibunu touch. While most people know us for our extraordinary capabilities with complex, custom, and conjoint solutions, we are able to support the varying needs of every research industry segment.

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By using responsive design, we are able to create flexibility in the layouts and styles of our surveys. This eliminates the need to develop separate survey methodology for different screen sizes, allowing you to reach respondents on all devices seamlessly.




Logical Programming - How to clarify conditions for better survey logic

Logic is an important part of many online surveys. Using logic gives survey designers complete control over a respondent’s path through the survey based on data already collected. However, it is important that logic is clear so that programmers know exactly what the survey designers had in mind. S... Read More

Slide into an Enhanced Survey Experience by Combined Features

When you combine two cool things, usually the result is something even cooler. Chocolate and peanut butter. Elton John and Billy Joel. Batman and Superman. Okay, maybe not that last one (at least, not yet). Creating cool, interactive questions is all in a day's work for us here at Jibunu. Some... Read More

Are Do-It-Yourself Surveys Really the Way to Go?

We’ve all been guilty of it, haven’t we – trying to do things ourselves to save a little time or money? After all, “How hard could it be to change a washer in the sink?” we ask – that is, before the faucet breaks, the pipe bursts, and the kitchen floods. Unfortunately, small challenges c... Read More

Technology Hero to Save the Day

Come on. Admit it. We’ve all had those days. You know the kind. Just when you thought your research project was done, your client wants one more thing. Your assistant is on vacation, your boss is expecting a presentation and your “to do” list has hatched a spawn of alien technical tasks. ... Read More


trusted market research partner TRUSTED PARTNER

We pride ourselves on being an extension of your organization. We are your survey department and you can rely on us for insight, collaboration, advice and commitment to your project.

proprietary survey platform PROPRIETARY PLATFORM

We use our proprietary platform for building surveys and custom solutions, collecting data, and delivering real-time reporting and data access. This platform enables faster, more flexible programming of truly custom surveys than any other offering in the industry.

market research solutions CREATING SOLUTIONS

We provide custom online survey programming and related services to the market research industry. We continuously add to our capabilities and have maintained our status as a leader in the industry.


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Director of Operations

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Director of Marketing


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