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Client Success Stories
Are You Using AI For the Sake Of AI?
Companies and individuals alike often rush to adopt the latest innovations, eager to stay ahead of the curve or simply to boast cutting-edge capabilities. The key is not just to adopt technology for the sake of innovation; rather, it's crucial to consider what tangible benefits these tools bring to the table.
Jibu-News: MR-LEAP™ Launch, Platform Updates, and More!
Jibu-News: MR-LEAP™ Launch, Platform Updates, and More!
This edition of Jibu-News covers the launch of MR-LEAP™, our innovative market research efficiency offering, the reasons behind our rebranding, and the latest enhancements to our platform.
Digital Collage Building Tool Demo Image
Digital Collage Building
For participants, digital collage building provides an easy to use interface with robust options and features. For researchers, they are faster and more cost-effective and scalable than traditional collage exercises.
Cost Per Interview “Streamlining”:
Using Six Sigma Principles To Save Money On Trackers and Large Volume Market Research Studies
Finding cost-saving solutions wherever you can is paramount. The Six Sigma methodology, with its emphasis on process improvement and efficiency, provides a valuable framework to examine spend and can be beneficial in the context of online market research costs.
What's In A Name?
Embodying Ubuntu in Our Mission and Core Values
In a world increasingly driven by impersonal interactions and transactional relationships, the essence of our company name, Jibunu, draws inspiration from a profound African philosophy: Ubuntu.
Video Introducing MR LEAP Video
Introducing MR-LEAP™
Jibunu introduces MR-LEAP™, combining Jibunu Intelligence and AI to create a blend of innovative processes, machine learning, and state-of-the-art tools to revolutionize the survey programming process.
Jibunu Launches MR-LEAP: A Market Research Efficiency Platform
Jibunu Launches MR-LEAP: A Market Research Efficiency Platform
In a fitting announcement for Leap Day, Jibunu unveiled MR-LEAP (Leveraged Effort for Accelerated Productivity), a groundbreaking combination of process and tools designed to redefine efficiency in survey programming services
Rebrand Announcement
Why We Rebranded: New Look, Same Superior Market Research Solutions
It’s time for our brand to represent all our current capabilities, including designing and developing custom market research tools and methodologies, as well as our big plans for the future.
Jibunu Rebrand
Jibunu, Leading Market Research Tech and Survey Programming Company, Unveils New Brand Identity, Digital Experience
Jibunu launches a brand identity positioning the company for future growth, and a better demonstration of their client and partner value proposition.

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