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Client Success Stories
Survey Demos
Leominster Champion: Local Company Launches Brand Identity
Jibunu, a market research technology and survey programming company, launched a new brand identity comprised of a new visual and narrative identity, and digital experience.
Rebrand Announcement
Why We Rebranded: New Look, Same Superior Market Research Solutions
It’s time for our brand to represent all our current capabilities, including designing and developing custom market research tools and methodologies, as well as our big plans for the future.
Jibunu Rebrand
Jibunu, Leading Market Research Tech and Survey Programming Company, Unveils New Brand Identity, Digital Experience
Jibunu launches a brand identity positioning the company for future growth, and a better demonstration of their client and partner value proposition.
survey gamification
Gamification is used in many different ways. When used in surveys it provides a fun, visual, and interactive alternative to the basic survey questions. With a little brainstorming and ingenuity, elements of gamification can be added to any survey!
online shopping demo
Virtual Shopping
Virtual shopping exercises are used to test product features, attributes, packaging, and pricing. Exercises can range from a single static image to a dynamic shopping environment using discrete choice models.
Concept/Package Testing
Our mobile-friendly concept testing demo lets respondents design the package and product that is most appealing to them.
Creating Interactive Surveys: The Ultimate Guide with 25 Examples
Learn more about the spectrum of interactions, the benefits of interactive surveys, and how to create one.
The Top 24 Market Research Conferences to Attend in 2024
We have compiled a list of The Top 24 Market Research Conferences for 2024, which includes cost and target audience for each one.
Case Study: VoC Survey Powers Real Estate Insights Platform
RCKRBX designed a benchmark survey that would be used to collect primary data on prospective tenants and their preferences for building amenities, services, and features. To program and host the survey, RCKRBX partnered Jibunu, a leading market research technology company with decades of survey programming experience.

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