Advanced Research Methodologies

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We can handle any advanced survey programming needs you have: Conjoint, Discrete Choice, Max Diff, Build Your Own, Adaptive Exercises, and much more. Whether your design was made in Sawtooth, created by a statistician, or it came to you in a dream, we can make it come to life and ensure that not only the data is correct, but the respondent experience is positive.

We’re able to offer all advanced exercises in multiple languages, allowing you to field in any country without having to reprogram. If you have a MaxDiff with a crazy amount of images or a shelf test that is based on a design file, we can make that happen.
Need a design file? We have trusted partners that can deliver the best in the business analysis for your studies that work perfectly within our platform. Statisticians love working with Jibunu programmers.

Discrete Choice/Conjoint

Discrete choice modelling and conjoint analysis are market research techniques that involves measuring the value respondent place on features of a product. These allow respondents to see different products or concepts with varying levels of attributes and uses decisions based on comparisons of attribute quality to allow researchers to measure the value of each level of each attribute of the product or concept.


Max-Diff is series of questions typically using a design file where a respondent sees X number of screens featuring Y number of items each (out of a list of Z number of items), and is generally asked to pick the most and least liked. Max-Diff questions can be used as an alternative to a rating scale. Researchers may use Max-Diff questions in scenarios where trade-offs are required and to identify preferences for a particular brand/attribute.

Classification Algorithm/Typing Tool

We’ve come a long way since this picture was taken. We can program a typing tool or sorting algorithm of any complexity directly into your survey and even implement terminates, branching, or create quota’s based on their assigned classification. 

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