Conversational/Chat Bot Surveys

Keep respondents with engaged with custom made conversational surveys.

Jibunu conversational surveys are...


Chat/messaging interface

Text message look and feel creates a familiar and fun survey experience, making it feel more like a conversation.

Personalized experience

Ask questions based on respondent data and/or previous responses. Add follow up responses that make respondents feel like they are being heard.

Built for You

No technical expertise needed

No confusing software to learn or embed code and widgets to fumble with. Just let us know what you want to ask and we take care of the rest.

Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. The look and functionality of each survey can be tailored for your specific needs.


Combine both traditional and conversational questions

Not all survey questions are suited for a conversational format. With Jibunu you can blend both traditional and conversational questions to create an enjoyable experience without sacrificing the data you need.

Advanced survey logic and piping

Show/skip, branching, and piping logic can be added so respondents only see questions and answer options that are applicable to them.

How It Works





Send Jibunu your timeline and the questions you want to ask


Jibunu creates a link for you to share with your respondents


View responses and gain valuable insights

Additional Services