Embracers of Truth

An embracer of truth is first and foremost honest. Honest with the customer, honest with those around them and honest with themselves. That is not where it ends though. Those that embrace the truth understand that it is not their opponent but rather a contributor to their greatness and can be the acknowledgment of that greatness. It is because of this that they welcome truth in all its forms, whether it be error reports, opinions (the truths of others), critiques, praise or accolades, knowing that having the full picture will help them make choices that lead to their success.

Pioneers of Forward Thinking

A pioneer of forward thinking often takes an extra second before, during and after solving a problem to think about whether or not there is/was a better way. This mentality allows them to continuously challenge themselves to improve. This forward thinking is not limited to challenges related to unusual client requests or innovative deliverables but is also present in everything they do from their day to day tasks to their interactions with those around them. A pioneer of forward thinking wants to consistently improve in all aspects of who they are and what they are a part of creating.

Hero to the Customer

A hero of the customer is someone who makes sure they understand what the goals and concerns of the customer are and is diligent in their creation of success based on those goals and concerns. They are committed to finding a way to get the customer what they need and are on time and consistent in their delivery of excellence. Heroes of the customer also have a tendency to think about what might go wrong or not quite get the customer what they want and take the extra second to ensure that there is little chance for issues on a job. Heroes of the customer ask questions and act on their concerns so that they will not have to react to problems later on. They also do what they can to help others on their team and across teams experience success in these areas.