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A Message from our President and Founder, Ken Berry

In a recent LinkedIn video, Ken identified 3 challenges people are dealing with in their research: creating operational efficiency, integrating AI thoughtfully, and standing out to your boss and clients amid market noise.

Jibunu addresses these concerns with our MR-Leap program, API access, and AI services integration, crafting tailored solutions to enhance efficiency while making you look good. If interested in exploring how Jibunu can assist, reach out to Ken at kberry@jibunu.com or click below to book a meeting with him.

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Are You Using AI For the Sake Of AI?

Are you using AI for the sake of AI

The temptation to jump on the AI train is real. But hold on! Rushing into AI adoption without careful consideration can lead to missed opportunities and wasted resources. So, before you dive into the next big thing, ask yourself: What value does it truly offer?

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Jibunu Adds AI Capabilities to their Platform

Jibunu has added AI chatbot and image generation capabilities, enhancing respondent interaction and engagement. The AI chatbot provides personalized responses and follow up questioning to open ends, while AI image generation creates dynamic visuals, that can be incorporated into both quant and qual research. To learn more about our AI capabilities and see them in action book an AI conversation.

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Report Viewer Update

Respondent duration by page and median duration by page reports now offer filtering functionality. You can learn more about the reports available in JUMP here.

Previous Jibu-News Highlights

  • Jibunu Launches MR-LEAP – Jibunu’s innovative approach to market research that leverages machine document evaluation, customizable rule sets, and automation functionality to transform the survey programming process. Learn More
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – JUMP users can now enable email-based MFA via their profile settings.
  • Text Editor Improvements – You can now view and edit the text for all questions in your survey on one page within JUMP for a more streamlined process for making text edits. Learn More
  • Respondent Duration By Page – This new report is available by request and displays a table of how long a respondent spent on each page of the survey.
  • Research Defender (fraud prevention) – Jibunu has integrated with Research Defender to provide additional data quality services. Learn More
  • Jibunu Secure File Transfer – You can now securely transfer files via JUMP. Learn More

In a world increasingly driven by impersonal interactions and transactional relationships, the essence of our company name, Jibunu, draws inspiration from a profound African philosophy: Ubuntu. Continue Reading

Finding cost-saving solutions wherever you can is paramount. The Six Sigma methodology, with its emphasis on process improvement and efficiency, provides a valuable framework to examine spend and can be beneficial in the context of online market research costs. Continue Reading

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