November 16th 2022 – Fitchburg, MA Market research technology and survey programming company, Jibunu released its new survey text editor tool, expanding the platform’s DIY features.

The new and improved text editor was developed in response to customer requests and is part of a larger initiative to expand the company’s self-service and efficiency enhancing tools.

Until now Jibunu customers would rely on the Jibunu programming team to make text changes. With the release of the tool customers can now edit survey question and answer option text directly in the survey link or through the Jibunu Unified Management Portal (JUMP). This reduces or eliminates the number of changes Jibunu programmers need to make there by reducing back and forth allowing surveys to get into field quicker.

“The Jibunu text editor is another tool that allows for more control and quicker turnaround for our partners and our teams.” says Ken Berry (President) “Its addition to the JUMP environment (the Jibunu Unified Management Platform) creates an even more robust suite of offerings to create a more seamless partnership with our clients.”

Text Editor 2 (2)

The Jibunu text editor is available upon request during the beta and will be available on all projects soon. If you have any questions or would like to enable the text editor reach out to

About Jibunu

Jibunu (, founded in 2003 provides survey programming and technology solutions to the market research industry. They are most widely known for their online data collection services but have many peripheral offerings.

Jibunu’s proprietary platform gives them the flexibility to create solutions for both qualitative and quantitative research. They specialize in complex, custom projects including conjoint, max-diff, adaptive, KANO, diary studies, advanced logic or graphic/multimedia needs, and multiple languages, all with superior speed, service, and pricing.

Jibunu services dozens of market research firms and departments, large and small, in industries including healthcare, financial, hi-tech, B2B, and consumer research, offering them the confidence and flexibility to execute their research vision online.