October 28th 2018 – Fitchburg, MA Market research technology and survey programming company, Jibunu released its new video response capturing tool giving researchers the ability to collect user-generated qualitative feedback at quantitative scale.  

Jibunu Video Responses can be used as a standalone video capturing tool or in conjunction with a traditional online surveyThe tool is accessed through a web browser letting survey respondents record video responses to questions using their phone, tablet, laptop, or PC with the push of a button. 

Development of the tool comes as a response to the ever-growing consumption and creation of video in consumers daily life and the increased demand for video capturing technology within the research industry. Jibunu video responses are positioned as an affordable option that can be used by research teams of all shapes and sizes, without the need to purchase a license or commit to a contract. 

Video response is just another example of us incorporating technologies or techniques into our surveys that most would rely on a third party to get done.” says Ken Berry (President) “Rather than needing to add multiple resources to satisfy a client’s need, it can all be done under the Jibunu umbrella.” 

Once collected video responses are available to view and download via Jibunu’s client portal. Transcripts, translations, and video captioning are available as add-ons.  

About Jibunu 

Jibunu(http://www.jibunu.com), founded in 2003 provides technology solutions to the market research industry. They are most widely known for their online data collection services but have many peripheral offerings.  

Jibunu’s proprietary platform gives them the flexibility to create solutions for both qualitative and quantitative research. They specialize in complex, custom projects including conjoint, max-diff, adaptive, KANO, diary studies, advanced logic or graphic/multimedia needs, and multiple languages, all with superior speed, service, and pricing.  

Jibunu services dozens of market research firms and departments, large and small, in industries including healthcare, financial, hi-tech, B2B, and consumer research, offering them the confidence and flexibility to execute their research vision online.