Jibunu Launches MR-LEAP: A Market Research Efficiency Platform

Fitchburg, MA – February 29, 2024 – In a fitting announcement for Leap Day, Jibunu, a leading provider of innovative market research services and technology, has unveiled MR-LEAP (Leveraged Effort for Accelerated Productivity), a groundbreaking combination of process and tools designed to redefine efficiency in survey programming services.

MR-LEAP emerges from Jibunu’s two decades of experience and dedication to enhancing market research processes. By leveraging advanced technologies, MR-LEAP reduces the time and effort required to transition from survey design to actionable insights, allowing researchers and companies to focus on what truly matters – making informed decisions based on the data.

“MR-LEAP is more than just technology and service,” said Ken Berry, President and Founder of Jibunu, “it’s a partnership that begins with the very first project and evolves, to anticipate needs, streamline processes, and deliver results.”

Highlights of MR-LEAP include:

  • Document Evaluation: Comprehensive review of survey documentation for consistency and potential for efficiencies.
  • Intelligent Automation: Utilizes machine learning and customizable rulesets to automate repetitive tasks, improving accuracy, efficiency, and speed.
  • Process Optimization: Redefines workflows to eliminate bottlenecks, ensuring smoother project execution from inception to delivery.

MR-LEAP starts with a foundational partnership between Jibunu and research team. Designed for flexibility and rooted in Jibunu’s mission to “improve the lives of researchers through technology and service,” the system caters to a wide range of survey needs, from ad-hoc studies, to complex and/or multi-wave tracking studies. The services and tools adapt to the research rather than the other way around. From the moment Jibunu begins programming a company’s first survey, the tools behind the MR-LEAP process begin to learn. Over time, projects become faster, more efficient, and easy.

For more information about MR-LEAP and to schedule your free consultation, visit www.MR-LEAP.com or contact:

Ken Berry, President
310 Authority Drive, FL 2
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Email: info@jibunu.com
Phone: 978-537-5510

About Jibunu

Jibunu is a pioneer of technology-enabled research services. Since 2003, they have provided superior survey programming and research tool development. Behind their services sits a software company that can design and develop custom market research tools and methodologies to meet each client’s needs. Their unique blend of technology utilization, creativity, and industry knowledge, allows jibunu to deliver novel research methods that improve the experience of the respondent, researcher, analyst, and client. Learn more www.jibunu.com.