The Challenge

Find out where you currently are on your Joy Journey

Valo Foresight and The Art and Science of Joy are on a mission to empower people to live more joy-filled lives. One way they are doing that is through the Year of Joy online community, which offers participants 52 weeks of inspiration and activities to build more joy into their lives and the lives of others. In order to measure the impact intentionally choosing to live a year of joy has on people’s lives, and to give participants the chance to discover their own Joy Score and understand their drivers of Joy, the team at the Art and Science of Joy decided to incorporate their unique Joy Barometer survey into the Year of Joy initiative. As part of the effort, they needed a way to provide participants with a PDF Joy Scorecard upon completion of the survey.

The Solution

The Joy Barometer Survey

Valo Foresight and The Art and Science of Joy partnered with Jibunu to develop a tool to meet this challenge. Participants take the Joy Barometer survey, in which they are asked a series of 37 questions about how they feel in different areas related to wellbeing, belonging, impact and fun. At the end of the survey, a Joy Score is calculated based on the answers to the questions using the Art and Science of Joy’s unique algorithm. Using the survey responses and the calculations, Jibunu developed a tool which instantly creates the Art and Science of Joy’s Joy Scorecard for the survey-taker, including personalized visualizations of their level of Joy and the ability to download, save, and print the Joy Scorecard.

The Process

To bring the Joy Barometer survey and scorecard to life Jibunu’s survey development and visualization team was commissioned. Initial discovery meetings were set up to discuss the needs of the Joy Barometer and discuss the objectives and timeline.

A static design was provided, including the Joy Barometer questions and the desired scorecard layout. Working with the client, Jibunu suggested a question format to make the survey more stimulating to the respondent. After some iteration, the final animation, colors, and graphics provided the right amount of visual appeal, without distracting from the survey’s purpose.

For the scorecard Jibunu programmed The Art and Science of Joy’s weighting system into the backend of the survey. Using the calculations in the back, the program creates an individualized Joy Scorecard upon survey completion, including graphs for visualization and the ability to download, save, and print the scorecard.

Survey Development Process

The Result/Impact

Enabling people to carry out a self-evaluation on the Recipe for Joy

Jibunu’s survey development and visualization team was able to provide The Art and Science of Joy with what they were envisioning, in a timely manner.

The Joy Barometer survey is one of the first things a Year of Joy community member will do. They will be able to use the Joy Barometer and scorecard to help set their intentions, goals, and plans for bringing more joy to their own life, as well as the lives of others.

Client Testimonial

“Working with the Jibunu team was fantastic! The solution they developed perfectly met our needs. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the team, the creativity they applied to the solution and the speed which they completed the project. They went above and beyond my expectations.”

Andrew Cannon, co-founder of the Art and Science of Joy and creator of the Joy Barometer and the Year of Joy.

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