Our Process

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Trusted Partner

We pride ourselves on being an extension of your organization. We are your survey department and you can rely on us for insight, collaboration, advice and commitment to your project.

Proprietary Platform

We use our proprietary platform for building surveys and custom solutions, collecting data, and delivering real-time reporting and data access. This platform enables faster, more flexible programming of truly custom surveys than any other offering in the industry.

Creating Solutions

We provide custom online survey programming and related services to the market research industry. We continuously add to our capabilities and have maintained our status as a leader in the industry.

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Four different teams are involved in creating your test link. After Client Services gets things started, Configuration lays the foundation by setting up text, formatting, and basic programming. Next, our Development team takes that foundation and begins adding what we call “the cool stuff”: logic, custom exercises, interactive functionality, complexity, and so on. They also set up quotas and other important information to make sure the project runs smoothly. After that is complete, Quality Assurance tests the survey for accuracy by thoroughly testing the survey for accuracy. Any errors are reported back to the Configuration and Development teams, fixed, and then retested until it’s correct. Once testing is complete, Client Services is ready to deliver the test link to you for your review. Throughout this entire process, your project and company specifications are followed to achieve a solid and reliable product.