April 7th  2023 – Fitchburg, MA Market research technology and survey programming company, Jibunu has released their new Jibunu QA Note Tool.

The Jibunu QA Note Tool was created to improve the survey review process for Jibunu’s internal teams and their clients. The tool compliments Jibunu’s Client Adjustable Testing Environment (CATE) by allowing you to record notes such as survey logic or formatting change requests via your survey test link. The notes across all questions are added to a log for easy review and sharing, thereby eliminating the need to record notes in a separate program. 

The Jibunu QA Note Tool features the following: 

  • User Controls – Users can access the tool with their Jibunu Unified Management Portal (JUMP) credentials, or they can be granted access through an invitation. Additionally, primary users can view all notes, while secondary users can see secondary users notes, and not primary user notes. 
  • View Notes – Survey notes are stored in a log with the survey question, language, note, note status, who entered the note, and the type of note. 
  • Open branched link – This provides a link directly to the question with the note making sharing issues and confirming fixes much more seamless.  
  • View Details – Each note has a view details window that allows some updating and additional commenting. 

“We always strive to make the work of doing research painless.” says Ken Berry (President) “This is another example of our team creatively using empathy and technology to improve the lives of those doing the job.” 

The Jibunu QA Note Tool is available on all surveys going forward. If you have any questions, please reach out to Projects@Jibunu.com. 

About Jibunu

Jibunu(http://www.jibunu.com), founded in 2003 provides survey programming and technology solutions to the market research industry. They are most widely known for their online data collection services but have many peripheral offerings.  

Jibunu’s proprietary platform gives them the flexibility to create solutions for both qualitative and quantitative research. They specialize in complex, custom projects including conjoint, max-diff, system 1 techniques, diary studies, segmentation algorithms, advanced logic or graphic/multimedia needs, and multiple languages, all with superior speed, service, and pricing.  

Jibunu services dozens of market research firms and departments, large and small, in industries including healthcare, financial, hi-tech, B2B, and consumer research, offering them the confidence and flexibility to execute their research vision online.