Reporting and Data

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Your survey can be the bee’s knees, but without the crucial data it’s just another webpage.  We allow you to access reporting as soon as your survey goes live, with numerous tools to help  you in your research project.

Report Portal

Customers can log into our secure reporting portal for 24/7 access to Jibunu projects, past and present, as well as complete archives on all past data pulls. As soon as your survey is live get access to…

Includes live and test links, who has access to the project, project notes, and details such as sample providers, data quality, and overlay information.

This tool lets you remove respondents from the data, or set/tag them to a specific terminate location. You can also set respondents back to a previous question in the survey.

Our Quota Management System gives you the ability to adjust quota counts when you need to, without having to wait even a minute for us to make this change for you, all with the knowledge that the underlying code meets the Jibunu standard of quality.

If, for instance, your client wants ten more completes of a particular type, you can log into the Report Portal, select your survey, navigate to the Quota page, and add ten to both the overall and sub-quotas, and the quotas will be updated immediately. Or, if you see that you’re filling up on one type of respondent too fast, you can adjust the overall counts to ensure a representative sample of respondents in your data.

See counts of completes, terminates, and abandons as well as any quota grids for your study. You will get access to a Topline (Marginal), Respondent Progress, Qualified Abandoned, and Vendor Report.

Real-time data in Excel (CSV), SPSS, ASCII, or other custom layouts.

Advanced Reporting

With Jibunu’s Advanced Reporting, there is no need to wait until after the study is complete to start understanding your data. Create, review, and share data as your study is fielding.

Custom Reporting

Need additional customized reports but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen? Let Jibunu handle it for you! Our experienced reporting and programming staff can create any report you need.

Matched Data and Custom Layouts

We can match a pre-existing layout for fixed-width ASCII or card-column ASCII files. This is mainly used to match studies that have previously fielded in another system, or through another medium such as telephone. It can also be used to synchronize layouts across multiple vendors and media for new studies, or to ensure the layout suits your tabulation specialist’s preferences. We can also produce custom data formats to match the specifications of a particular software package. For example, we’re able to produce CHO files for import into Sawtooth or other similar analytical applications. If you can supply the specs or an example file, we can meet your needs.

Adverse Event Reporting

To help you follow federal medical regulations, Jibunu can trigger adverse event reporting per your specifications. These are generally handled via an automated email notification that provides all of the necessary information from the survey. If you have specific needs around adverse event reporting, Jibunu can work within any process you have established.

Data Restructuring

If you data that was not collected on the Jibunu Platform and is not in a format that works for you, we can restructure it. Using our tools and data knowledge, we can take your data and make it easier and more efficient to use in another third party software, or for your own in-house analytics.