Reporting and Data

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Your survey can be the bee’s knees, but without the crucial data it’s just another webpage.  We allow you to access reporting as soon as your survey goes live, with numerous tools to help  you in your research project.


(Jibunu’s Unified Management Portal)

JUMP allows you control and access to all your project information, quotas, data, and reports 24/7.   Feel at ease knowing you have full visibility into your project any time of day or night.

Managing your projects just got a lot easier with the Project Details app.  Keep track of all the information for your project in one place – from sample providers, to data quality checks, to special notes and reminders – all the details for your project will be readily available for easy reference.

Quickly look up IDs to see if they have terminated, completed or abandoned.  Simplify the launch process by giving control to your sample providers so that they can test, confirm, and clear their IDs on their own at any time of day or night.  You can give or remove access to your sample vendors at any time throughout your project.

Managing quotas while fielding has never been so much fun.  Our Quota Management System gives you the ability to adjust quota counts at your convenience while you are in field.  Have a lot of quota grids to keep track of?  Not a problem!  The Quota Editor will allow you collapse or expand grids and move them around on the page so you can view the grids you want side by side.  You are in control!

If you are looking for a high level overview or a deeper dive into the data, the Report Viewer is simple and convenient.  See counts of completes, terminates, and abandons as well as any quota grids and any special information you want to be able to track easily while fielding.  You will also have access to a variety of reports with up to the minute data for you and/or your sample partners.

  • Simple Field Counter includes the counts based on completes, terminates, abandons, and specified quotas along with any other special fields you would like to have tracked.
  • Topline (Marginal) to view the frequencies of each question.
  • Respondent Progress Report and the Qualified Abandoned Report allows you to view where respondents are in the survey along with total counts. If you have a high abandon rate this report can be useful in identifying where respondents are abandoning and if there is a possible issue with a specific question in the study.
  • Vendor Report provides a simple report for sample providers to get respondent IDs and statuses.

Have access to your data in real time 24/7.  All data files are available in Excel (CSV), SPSS or ASCII.  Filter your data pulls by date, language, or respondent status such as complete, terminates, and/or abandons.  Need something special with your data?  We can do that!  Just ask your Project Manager.

Advanced Reporting

With Jibunu’s Advanced Reporting, there is no need to wait until after the study is complete to start understanding your data. Create, review, and share data as your study is fielding.


Custom Reporting

Need additional customized reports but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen? Let Jibunu handle it for you! Our experienced reporting and programming staff can create any report you need.

Matched Data and Custom Layouts

We can match a pre-existing layout for fixed-width ASCII or card-column ASCII files. This is mainly used to match studies that have previously fielded in another system, or through another medium such as telephone. It can also be used to synchronize layouts across multiple vendors and media for new studies, or to ensure the layout suits your tabulation specialist’s preferences. We can also produce custom data formats to match the specifications of a particular software package. For example, we’re able to produce CHO files for import into Sawtooth or other similar analytical applications. If you can supply the specs or an example file, we can meet your needs.

Adverse Event Reporting

To help you follow federal medical regulations, Jibunu can trigger adverse event reporting per your specifications. These are generally handled via an automated email notification that provides all of the necessary information from the survey. If you have specific needs around adverse event reporting, Jibunu can work within any process you have established.

Data Restructuring

If you data that was not collected on the Jibunu Platform and is not in a format that works for you, we can restructure it. Using our tools and data knowledge, we can take your data and make it easier and more efficient to use in another third party software, or for your own in-house analytics.

Interactive Charts And Graphs

Use Interactive charts and graphs to help you tell your story. Simply provide us with the specs and we will help you create visual tools to show your key findings. These can include interactive features and filters for a more engaging experience. Charts and graphs can also be exported to PowerPoint or Excel to include in your research deliverables.

Real-Time Crosstabs

Crosstabs with Jibunu’s Advanced Reporting and MarketSight allows for a variety of data analysis options, all in real-time. We can create crosstabs with up to 50 banner points, all with filters and calculation capabilities. The options are almost limitless!