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We develop surveys and tools for all types of respondents. From food to pharmaceuticals, every study gets the Jibunu touch. While most people know us for our extraordinary capabilities with complex, custom, and conjoint solutions, we are able to support the varying needs of every research industry segment. Whether you need a simple screener for a qualitative interview or 45 minute complex medical study with advanced research methodologies we can do it.
RAD feature

RAD – Responsive For All Devices

We use responsive design to create flexibility in the layouts and styles of our online surveys. This eliminates the need to develop separate survey methodology for different screen sizes, allowing you to reach respondents on all devices.

There are numerous benefits to using Responsive Design:

  • No need to design and develop a separate mobile version of your survey
  • One set of content to maintain, where changes and updates only need to be made once
  • One set of code for all devices and browsers
  • Most questionnaires will not require modification
  • Based on screen size, not device, so it will still work on future devices
JEFF feature

JEFF – Jibunu Enhanced Features And Functionality

Jibunu Enhanced Features and Functionality can help to make the survey experience a better one for your respondents. By improving and innovating the smallest details and standard survey elements using software development, the survey taking process becomes less cumbersome and more streamlined. We care very much about your data and the person helping to supply it, and wanted to use our skills and expertise to help make surveys a better, and maybe even enjoyable, experience.

See our Enhanced Features and Functionality in our demo! Visit our demos page and select the RAD JEFF demo.


CATE – Client Adjustable Testing Environment

CATE is our Client Adjustable Testing Environment, which gives you the power to test the way that is best for you. CATE’s flexibility gives you numerous options to control the way you review your survey instrument, including:

  • Toggle the visibility of elements, such as question and answer numbers, variable values, and hidden programming variables
  • Change a previous answer without having to back up, allowing you to test multiple paths quickly
  • View previous answers to keep track of the path you are on and confirm logic
  • Skip ahead to later questions in the survey
  • Change the language shown to quickly review overlays
multimedia feature


Our flexible proprietary platform allows for you to create engaging questions utilizing graphics, audio and video. Our audio and video players don’t use Flash, allowing your media to be shown on any type of device.

By incorporating logic, we can delay the continue button to make sure the respondents took enough time to review an image or we can have it not show up until an audio or video has been shown completely. Jibunu lets you display media content in any container you wish. For example, a video player could be made to look like a television, cell phone, tablet or medical device, complete with interactive controls and even multiple screens if desired.

To secure video content, we can prevent download and replay of streaming video, prevent stolen content from being streamed from other servers, and prevent remote client referencing to prevent unauthorized access

multi language feature


Fielding globally? Jibunu’s capabilities afford us the ability to work with any language, including right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Arabic or Farsi. Our media-rich question types, such as those programmed with JQuery, JavaScript or Flash can be translated into other languages as well. We offer two options for creating overlays: Express Overlays and Traditional Overlays.

Express Overlays: If your translator is able to work with an XLIFF or CSV file for translation, we have the capability to export and import the file directly into our system using our Express Overlay Tool. This results in a quick turn-around time and cost savings for you. After the English survey is final we export the survey in XLIFF and send it for translation, either to our trusted translation partner, or to you to send to your translators. Once complete, we import the translated file back into the system, often in the same business day.

Traditional Overlays: If a more traditional overlay method is what you are looking for, we are happy to process your overlays in the timely manner to which you are accustomed. Our rapid turn-around times are based on the complexity and length of your survey, as well as the number of languages being processed.

Having trouble getting your translations? We have trusted vendors that we can work with to provide translations for your online projects.

interactive questions feature

Interactive Questions

It’s important to keep respondents engaged from the first question to the last. We provide solutions to allow you to “spice up your surveys” to make surveys more engaging and, maybe even make them a little fun.

Our interactive questions bring your surveys to a new level of usability, bringing in elements of gamification. Instead of just clicking on a scale, put in a slider question. If you have a ranking question, use a drag and drop to sort the items instead of assigning numbers. There are limitless options, allowing you to create a survey your respondents won’t mind taking – maybe they’ll even like it.

Slider, Drap and Drops text/image highlighter, custom themes, image swiping, and image clicking.

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