Virtual Shopping

Virtual shopping exercises are used to test product features, attributes, packaging, and pricing. Exercises can range from a single static image to a dynamic shopping environment using discrete choice models. Use Jibunu for as little or as much as you need. We can program just the exercise or handle everything from questionnaire design to data analysis and report creation. 

Jibunu offers multiple solutions including...

Online Shopping/Website Replication

Mobile friendly design

No need to restrict smartphone users, Jibunu’s online shopping exercises can be optimized for use on mobile devices.

Real life eCommerce features

Add features such as sorting, filtering, favoriting, comparing, and reviews to create an immersive online shopping experience.  

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Virtual Store Shelves

Simulate any environment

Jibunu can create any environment from grocery store isles to convenient store counters to jewelry display cases.

Pick up items

Items can pick “picked up” for a closer look. Additional item details and descriptions including audio/video can be displayed within the virtual environment.

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Digital Menus, Flyers, and Catalogs

Flip through pages

Get feedback on printed materials. Respondents can digitally flip through multiple pages of content.

Interact with items

Add interaction such as clicking, commenting, and purchasing to create an online shopping experience.

Respondent Activity Tracking

All interaction within the virtual shopping environment can be recorded to provide additional data on the respondent’s activity while shopping.

Track how much time was spent shopping

Track what items were pick up/viewed

Track what features were used

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