With a new decade  beginning, what will the future hold for the Market Research industry in 2020?  With technology advancing and improving every day, what tools can market researchers look forward to using in the new year?

Here are three great tools we recommend trying in 2020:

1. Video Response Capturing ️

Video Response Capturing

Have you ever wished you could capture qualitative data in a more quantitative way? With video response capturing you can now collect user-generated qualitative feedback from respondents on a quantitative scale. The are many reasons to collect video feedback, and with recent advancements in technology is it easier than ever. This has led to increased adoption of the technology over the past year, which is expected to increase further in the coming months and years. Video response capturing can be used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with a traditional online survey to augment the results. Most tools can be accessed via a web browser allowing respondents to simply click on a link to record video responses using their cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, anywhere really as long as they have internet access. Learn more

2.Conversational/Chat Bot Surveys

Conversational/Chat Bot Surveys

Chatbot Surveys are conducted through a messaging interface, making the respondent experience more conversational and engaging. Thanks to advances in technology and machine learning, chatbots have become more popular than ever in recent years and have become more prevalent in the market research world. Chatbots got their start as a means of automating customer inquiries, but they are now being used by researchers to conduct surveys in a more natural and conversational way.

The chatbot market is expected to reach 10 billion by 2026, including 26% annual growth for the Healthcare industry! Widespread advancements occurring in the field of artificial intelligence is primarily responsible for driving growth in the global chatbot market. This is mainly due to the implementation of more sophisticated and mature chatbot processes that are used to engage with customers. With a rising demand of automation in businesses, the use of chatbots to achieve online efficiency in dealing with customer inquiries and customer retention is increasing. This business automation is a large party of the reason the global chatbot market will grow in the near future. Most businesses are making use of chatbot services in a variety of ways, thus expanding the boundaries of their capacities and capabilities. Learn more

3. Programmatic/DIY Survey Sample


Is your survey programmed and ready to go but you’re still relying on panel companies to obtain costly respondents for you?

If so then a Programmatic/DIY Survey Sample solution can help in 2020 by allowing you to access global, high quality respondents in real-time through a self-service marketplace. Instead individually reaching out to one or more panel companies, you can get sample from platforms that connect multiple sample providers, allowing you to purchase and launch sample quickly and at a lower cost. Expand your reach, eliminate duplicate respondents, manage quotas and free up time with a programmatic technology solution to online data collection.

A Programmatic/DIY Survey Sample is a fast, easy and cost effective alternative to using separate panel providers. A few providers of DIY sample marketplaces are CintLucid, and PureSpectrum.