The Problem

Missed Revenue OpportunitiesMissed Revenue Opportunities

A manufacturer of specialty materials for custom picture and memorabilia frames noticed that they had a larger sales volume with their brick-and-mortar clients than they did with online retailers. They believed the reason for this was online retailers were reluctant to upsell the specialty materials during the shopping process, leading to missed revenue opportunities. They believed consumers would purchase their upgraded materials when presented with adequate information about benefits during the check-out process. 

The Solution

Upsell Shopping SimulationDevelop Upsell Shopping Simulation

To convince their online retail partners the manufacturer sought to provide a data-driven recommendation for how to implement upselling. To achieve this, they collaborated with Isurus, a market research firm specializing in research-based insights for B2B markets. 

They determined the best way to gather the necessary data was to create a comprehensive simulation of the online shopping experience. To develop the simulation, Isurus partnered Jibunu, a leading market research technology and survey programming company. 

Jibunu’s expertise in developing interactive simulations would allow them to craft a realistic online shopping environment where customers could navigate through various frame options and make informed choices. 

The Process

Transforming Vision into RealityTransforming Vision into Reality

Initial discovery meetings were set up to discuss objectives, possibilities, and the specific needs of the simulation. Throughout the questionnaire design process, there was continuous communication between the Jibunu and Isurus teams, including additional progress meetings to align on the desired functionality of the simulation.  

Customer websites reflecting the typical custom frame shopping experience were used for reference. Additionally, detailed mock-ups of the simulation’s design and flow were created, including mapping out 4 distinct paths. Each path would test a different upselling approach by employing variations of text, visual images, videos, and upgrade offers to determine which experience provided the best outcome. 

Initial development of the simulation was complete within 2 weeks, and after making a few adjustments it was ready for fielding the following week. 

The Result/Impact

Data-Driven Upselling StrategyUpsell Shopping Simulation

Isurus leveraged the insights gathered from the simulation to provide the manufacturer with data-driven recommendations for optimizing upselling strategies. These recommendations were based on the paths that proved most effective in encouraging customers to choose upgraded frames. 

The manufacturer was now able to present data-driven insights to their online retail partners on how to implement an effective strategy for upselling their specialty materials. These strategies would provide customers with a positive upselling experience, where they see the benefits of upgraded frames, resulting in increased satisfaction for the customer and increased revenue for the manufacturer and their online retail partners. 

Client Testimonial

Jibunu collaborated with us from the early stages of study design. Their custom programming capabilities enabled us to build and test exactly what we envisioned. The Jibunu team was responsive throughout a highly iterative process. Jibunu has been an excellent partner for Isurus on this study and other past studies.

Jeana McNeil, Vice President and co-founder of Isurus Market Research and Consulting


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