We’re excited to showcase a new brand identity that more accurately conveys Jibunu’s mission, vision, and how our technology and services are elevating the market research industry. While we’ve always been known for programming and hosting quantitative surveys, we’re embracing—and humbly touting—that we’re a software company at our core. It’s time for our brand to represent all our current capabilities, including designing and developing custom market research tools and methodologies, as well as our big plans for the future. Plus, Jibunu turned twenty in 2023, so it’s fitting to kick off a new decade with a fresh brand.

Jibunu Through the Years

Founded by two brothers in 2003, Jibunu was originally a custom software development company for small businesses. But in the early 2000s, there was a major shift from paper and phone surveys to online market research. After only a few months in business, it became clear that we could not only fill the need for survey programming in the market research industry, but also develop software to make it easier for researchers.

We were one of the first companies to provide online versions of market research staples such as conjoint analysis, Max Diff, patient chart studies, and shelf tests. And ever since, we’ve embedded change into our culture—frequently revolutionizing our technologies and releasing new product features such as push notifications for longitudinal research, a survey editing tool, and medical transcription for our video/audio response capturing tool.

We’ve always looked at change as an opportunity rather than a challenge. After one name change, from BayaSoft to Jibunu—a variation of the word “ubuntu,” highlighting the greatness of collaboration—we’re ready to keep trailblazing the market research industry with our latest brand identity at the forefront.

Programming Our Next Chapter

Over the years, we’ve witnessed market research turnaround times persistently get faster while researchers simultaneously became more stressed. At Jibunu, our mission is to improve the lives of market researchers by not only taking survey programming off their plates but also by creating efficiencies. We want our brand to better communicate how our intelligent technology solutions enable researchers to spend more time on critical research tasks—such as providing recommendations, identifying trends, and improving competitiveness—while still ensuring business growth. While our brand visuals are new—including sharp colors, a custom logo, and a modern website—our brand promise remains unchanged.

Our brand concept seamlessly incorporates a check mark into the Jibunu company name—a nod to the check mark as a common survey element—and, more importantly, a reflection of the confidence and simplicity that comes from working with our team. Today, with two decades of experience serving the research industry under our belt, we believe that we provide the most intelligent technology solutions in market research—and now our brand exudes our team’s confidence with conviction.

We’ve used our proprietary knowledge and experience to deliver products that are truly built with the researcher in mind and seek to alleviate bottlenecks in a research project’s lifecycle. We still offer our bread-and-butter services—survey programming and market research tools. But our newest offering, custom development, sets us apart from the competition and provides insight into where we’re headed as a brand.

Custom Development

Sure, we can create all the surveys you’ll ever need, but we also develop custom tools, create client-branded products, streamline the data collection and reporting process, and more. By combining your research knowledge and ideas with our deep expertise and consultation prowess, we can help you refine your vision and bring it to life.

Survey Programming

Survey programming and hosting is our secret sauce—it’s how we got started and it’s what we’ve been perfecting for two decades. We can program the simplest screeners to the most complex respondent engagements. We’ve seen it all yet can’t wait to keep pushing the limits.

Market Research Tools

If your team would like to drive, license our best-in-class tools. The web-based suite gives them anytime access and all the basics needed to design and field their research. Forget one-size-fits-all technology. Mix-and-match a variety of our customizable research tools from our SaaS offering, designed to deliver compelling research results.

Jibunu Unified Management Platform (JUMP)

Our powerful proprietary platform, JUMP, is the foundation for building surveys and custom solutions, collecting data, and delivering real-time reporting and data access.

Since the beginning, we’ve always prided ourselves on the ability of our team to “do the impossible” and “make pigs fly”—and we always will. Though, after ten fun years, our flying pig mascot, Hamlet, is stepping down; he told us he’s retiring at the beach, and he deserves it—pig years are like dog years after all! Hamlet’s legacy lives on in our new brand as we continue to embrace change, foster original ideas, and lead innovation for our market research partners.