May 1st 2023 – Fitchburg, MA Market research technology and survey programming company, Jibunu is celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Founded by brothers Ken and Phil Berry in May 2003 Jibunu was originally a custom software development company for small businesses. Before the end of that year, they pivoted to programming surveys for the market research industry and developing software to help them do it. In the time where there was a major shift from paper/phone surveys to online. Jibunu was among the first companies to provide online versions of market research staples such as conjoint analysis, Max Diff, patient chart studies and shelf tests. With their roots in software development, Jibunu has prided itself on their ability to “do the impossible” and “make pigs fly” akin to their flying pig mascot.

20 years later Jibunu continues to provide survey programming and related services and has big plans for the future. Currently a services only company Jibunu is in the beginning stages of creating a software as service (SaaS) arm of the company.

“The difference between good software and services and great software and services is empathy.” says Ken Berry (President) “Not only does this help you understand what the researcher, respondent, or analyst needs, it also gives you the desire to make their day-to-day life better by giving it to them.”

Jibunu plans to use their decades of experience serving the research industry to make a product that is truly built with the researcher in mind. With market research timelines continuing to shrink Jibunu seeks to alleviate several time-consuming bottlenecks in a research project’s lifecycle.

About Jibunu

Jibunu(, founded in 2003 provides survey programming and technology solutions to the market research industry. They are most widely known for their online data collection services but have many peripheral offerings.  

Jibunu’s proprietary platform gives them the flexibility to create solutions for both qualitative and quantitative research. They specialize in complex, custom projects including conjoint, max-diff, system 1 techniques, diary studies, segmentation algorithms, advanced logic or graphic/multimedia needs, and multiple languages, all with superior speed, service, and pricing.  

Jibunu services dozens of market research firms and departments, large and small, in industries including healthcare, financial, hi-tech, B2B, and consumer research, offering them the confidence and flexibility to execute their research vision online.