Client Success Stories

See how researchers use Jibunu’s best in class survey programming and research technology solutions development to create innovative tools, features, and products without limitations.

Success Stories

Valo Foresight and The Art and Science of Joy worked with Jibunu to develop a tool to help people to live more joy-filled lives. 

Upon completing a series of questions the tool generates an individualized Joy Scorecard featuring graphs for visualization and the option to download, save, and print the scorecard.

“The solution they developed perfectly met our needs. They went above and beyond my expectations” – Co-founder of the Art and Science of Joy 

The largest toy manufacturer in North America partnered with Jibunu to increase the efficiency of their concept tests. 

Together they developed a survey template and an accompanying portal to organize the data in an easily accessible and understandable format for company stakeholders.

The survey template and Portal enabled the manufacturer to be more agile with their concepting testing while providing quick yet meaningful insights for future product launches.

Isurus teamed up with Jibunu to create a custom online shopping simulation, to provide a data-driven upselling strategy.

The simulation would test different upselling approaches by employing variations of text, images, videos, and upgrade offers to determine which experience provided the best outcome. 

“Their custom programming capabilities enabled us to build and test exactly what we envisioned”– VP and co-founder of Isurus Market Research and Consulting